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RoundTower Press Release

Signet Accel, Nutonian and RoundTower Technologies Ally to Deliver Accelerated Time to Value in Healthcare Data


Alliance provides unprecedented speed and accuracy to big data integration and discovery in healthcare industry

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Signet Accel, a software and services company specializing in data integration and harmonization, today announced an alliance with machine intelligence company Nutonian and systems integrator RoundTower Technologies. Organizations can now achieve true interoperability and accelerate the time to value of their data with Signet Accel’s Avec®, a database-agnostic federated data integration platform purpose-built to serve the healthcare industry, and Nutonian’s Eureqa®, the A.I.-powered “Virtual Data Scientist” application that automates the creation and interpretation of predictive models. RoundTower Technologies packages the solution and delivers it to healthcare customers.

“There’s nothing in the industry that does what we do together. We’re connecting data as it is and where it is into a clean, searchable stream of information, and Eureqa takes that raw data and makes it actionable much faster than ever thought possible,”  said Signet Accel CEO John Raden.  “The healthcare industry is drowning in a sea of data and analytics, and spending far too much time sifting through options hoping one will provide value faster than another. I can confidently say the wait is over—Avec and Eureqa together are ideally positioned to change the face of precision medicine.”

Avec connects and harmonizes disparate databases across organizations and geographic locations, allowing researchers to access the complete picture of their data and identify patterns and trends across a large patient population. Eureqa industrializes data science and finds meaning, causation and correlation in an organization’s large amounts of data, offering comprehensive insight into both research and treatment.  The two combined enable increased efficacy in clinical trials and offer prescriptive solutions at a per-patient level, at an accelerated rate.

“These applications together allow us to dramatically increase speed to discovery while also creating a prescriptive methodology,” said Scott Howser, executive vice president at Nutonian. “Avec provides a transparent means to aggregate, normalize and create a single-paned view of disparate data sources. Eureqa can then quickly and accurately model that data and provide solutions. It’s the consumer that ultimately wins in the work and endeavors we’re pursuing here.”

RoundTower Technologies has begun offering the combined solution to the healthcare industry, to a positive response.

“We simplify and find complete solutions for our customers, we don’t just bring them parts,” said Andy Stein, vice president of sales and business development at RoundTower Technologies. “This alliance allows us to present a complete healthcare customer solution that offers immediate impact. Our customers spend years trying to aggregate and cleanse data and Avec makes that process seamless, completing it in weeks. The next step—extracting value from that data—takes months and years. Eureqa’s A.I. finds meaning in the data within minutes to hours. These two platforms are the best we’ve seen in the market and together, they are unmatched.”

About Signet Accel

Signet Accel’s Avec® platform is true interoperability realized in healthcare. As the sole alternative to traditional, centralized data management solutions, Avec® delivers the industry's only purpose-built commercial federated data integration platform, developed and refined over 12 years at The Ohio State University. Signet Accel’s software products and services power the work of consortia, institutions, and health professionals around the world with unmatched security, sharing capability and speed of discovery —advancing academic research, achieving meaningful use objectives, and enabling the continuum of care. Learn how to make your data meaningful and achieve true interoperability at SignetAccel.com.

About Nutonian

Nutonian’s machine intelligence application, Eureqa®, empowers business intelligence professionals to do the work of data scientists. Invented by one of the “World’s Most Powerful Data Scientists” (Forbes), Eureqa supercharges data science initiatives by automating the creation and interpretation of predictive models. Nutonian leverages sophisticated evolutionary algorithms to make advanced data modeling simple, fast, accurate, and scalable. For more information, please visit www.nutonian.com or follow Nutonian on Twitter at @nutonian.

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