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The Nutanix Design Guide

Impactful insights to help you accelerate business innovation.

RoundTower, in collaboration with Nutanix, wrote the book on hyperconverged, The Nutanix Design Guide, shining a light on the three stages of the enterprise cloud journey while providing a 40,000-foot view of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud eco-system.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Nutanix, Dheeraj Pandey, wrote the Foreword of The Nutanix Design Guide, while Nutanix Technology Champion Community Manager, Angelo Luciani, in collaboration with RoundTower’s Master Architect and Strategist, René van den Bedem, edited and co-authored more than a third of the first edition. Fifteen other 'Nutants', including six NPXs, contributed to the completion of the guide. This book has something for everyone, from the most experienced Nutant, to those who have just been introduced to Nutanix.

Download the first edition of
The Nutanix Design Guide


Modernize Your Infrastructure
Nutanix made compute, storage, and virtualization invisible--allowing bite-sized consumption of a modern infrastructure and freeing up the enterprise to build a true private cloud.

Build Your Private Cloud
With Nutanix's app-centric approach to automation, and their focus on software-defined security, networking, and file management, they enable the enterprise to own and operate an efficient and reliable private cloud.

Simplify Your Multi-cloud
Nutanix aims to provide a set of cloud-agnostic SaaS and PaaS services that help customers manage their multi-cloud operations with simple 1-click experiences for edge computing (IoT), cost governance and security, and management of desktops, databases, containers, and object storage.

Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, making infrastructure invisible so that IT can focus on the applications and services that power their business.

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